Week 11 of the 2024 Legislative Session

The Kentucky General Assembly has wrapped up the 11th legislative week of the 2024 Regular Session.

The Senate brought forth its two-year state spending and proposal for transformational one-time project funding. These were proposed through Senate Committee Substitutes to House Bill (HB) 6 and HB 1. The top priority for the republican supermajorities is to continue lowering your income tax. Through comprehensive tax reforms since 2017, Kentucky has received record business investment and will have left $1.8 billion in taxpayers’ pockets by the end of the year. Despite this feat, the state’s budget reserve trust fund is at $3.7 billion, affording us the opportunity for transformational one-time investments.

There are a host of one-time spending proposals made. I am particularly interested in an approximately $890 million transfer of funds from the budget reserve trust fund to the state road plan to accelerate projects targeting high-economic-growth counties like Scott, Kenton and Fayette Counties. I continue advocating for critical infrastructure projects in our district to further economic growth.

Another one-time investment of $36 million would further benefit our signature horse industry by providing further improvements at the Kentucky Horse Park. The industry brought me to Kentucky, and I am proud to be one of the strongest advocates for it in the legislature. Projects at the park would include:

  • $2.5 million for the renovation of the restaurant;
  • $15 million for the replacement of competition barns and stalls;
  • $7 million  for the renovation of entertainment pavilions;
  • $5 million for the replacement of campground sites and bathhouse
  • $1.5 million for a maintenance pool;
  • $5 million  for the renovation of the International Museum of the Horse

I am happy to say the Senate gave final approval to HB 357, which prohibits the use of firearm/ammunition-specific merchant category codes by payment processors. This is an important protection for gun owners, protecting private purchasing information from abuse by third parties. Collecting firearm retailer financial transaction data amounts to surveillance and registration of law-abiding gun owners. Those promoting this scheme are in favor of firearm and gun owner registrations. Therefore, it should be assumed that the goal of this program is to share all collected firearm retailer MCC data with government authorities and potentially private third parties that may including gun control organizations and anti-gun researchers. I was proud to support the bill.

Key Senate bills passed this week include:

SB 3 reorganizes administrative duties of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission and Department of Fish and Wildlife, transferring oversight to the Department of Agriculture.

Thank you for your continued engagement in the 2024 Regular Session. It is a privilege to represent you in Frankfort. Find the status of legislation by calling 866-840-2835, legislative meeting information at 800-633-9650, or leaving a message for lawmakers at 800-372-7181. You can watch and follow legislative activity at KET/org/legislature and Legislature.ky.gov.

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