Week 10 of the 2024 Legislative Session

The Kentucky General Assembly has wrapped up the 10th legislative week of the 2024 Regular Session.

This week marked the session’s inaugural gubernatorial veto with House Bill (HB) 18. The Governor’s veto was nothing short of a dismissal of property owners’ basic constitutional rights. The bill pre-empts unconstitutional local ordinances that would force those who provide housing options and property owners to accept federal programs. These programs often come with burdensome strings attached, which is all too common with federal funds. Both House and Senate majorities resoundingly overrode the veto. Including an emergency clause, HB 18 has become law.

The Governor is sure to veto more good, sound, conservative policies throughout the closing days of the session. He is the least relevant policy governor in Kentucky’s history and holds the record for the most overridden vetoes by the legislature. My colleagues and I are happy to drive those numbers up even further as we champion additional legislation to transform Kentucky’s future, practice fiscal discipline, grow small businesses and signature industries, and support families facing high inflation rates. We will soon be rolling out our biennial budget proposal in the Senate. I am excited to share many transformational economic measures that will continue the momentum the Republican supermajorities started back in 2017.

The pace quickened this week with several measures seeking Senate approval:

  • SB 2 strengthens Kentucky’s school safety initiatives by creating the Kentucky Guardians Program, which allows veterans and retired law enforcement officials to enhance student defense. Guardians collaborate with school officers, wearing a unique uniform and carrying concealed weapons. Local boards decide their hiring, fostering cooperation with law enforcement. The initiative forms a comprehensive team of counselors, psychologists, and mental health providers, addressing trauma, mental health, and suicide awareness.
  • SB 8 would address the long-standing concern of governors politicizing Kentucky’s Board of Education (KBE). In his first official move as Governor, Andy Beshear disbanded the entire board, and the subsequent appointment of a new board was composed entirely of Democrats. The bill would discontinue the current practice of the Governor unilaterally appointing the 11-member board by moving to elections by voters across all seven Supreme Court districts. Under the proposed changes, two KBE members would be elected from each of the seven Supreme Court districts, fostering a more representative and balanced approach to board membership. This is a much-needed change I am happy to support. It will increase the voice of Kentuckians and the board’s accountability to the families our public education system serves.
  • SB 110 supports mothers and babies by allowing child support actions from conception. The bill stipulates that the first year may be retroactive nine months after birth.
  • SB 147 establishes state-wide standards for adult-oriented businesses, ensures child safety, and prohibits explicit performances on government properties.
  • SB 167 requires cursive writing in elementary schools from 2025-26, aiming to enhance communication and motor skills.
  • SB 215 prevents the enforcement of California-like air emissions standards for electric vehicles in Kentucky.
  • SB 240 removes barriers for foster families in Kentucky by allowing them to qualify for child care benefits while working remotely. This addresses the current requirement that they work outside the home for at least 20 hours a week.

Thank you for your continued engagement in the 2024 Regular Session. It is a privilege to represent you in Frankfort.Find the status of legislation by calling 866-840-2835, legislative meeting information at 800-633-9650, or leaving a message for lawmakers at 800-372-7181. You can watch and follow legislative activity at KET/org/legislature and Legislature.ky.gov.

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