FRANKFORT, KY (December 22, 2022) — Senator Damon Thayer, R-Georgetown, has been awarded the 2022 County Advocate award from the Kentucky Association of Counties (KACo) for his leadership and responsiveness to county needs.

“Leader Thayer understands the vital role counties play in the commonwealth,” said KACo Executive Director and CEO Jim Henderson. “He works closely with the elected county officials in his own district, and he always has an open door for KACo to be heard. There has never been a time that I’ve reached out to Leader Thayer that he wasn’t immediately responsive. We are extremely grateful to have such a valued relationship in the Senate.”

Thayer is instrumental as a public policy gatekeeper in his role as Senate majority floor leader. He supported and ensured the passage of numerous KACo-supported legislative priorities, such as:

  • Broadband— $1.1 million to establish an Office for Broadband Development under the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority. (House Bill 315)
  • County Roads—$278.6 million over the next two years in county road aid and $338.1 million over the next two years for the rural secondary program, which supports the construction, reconstruction and maintenance of secondary and rural roads in each county. (State Road Plan, House Bill 242)
  • County Clerks E-recording—Accelerates the online availability of titles, deeds, and mortgages. (Senate Bill 135)
  • Jails—$4 increase in the per diem reimbursement rate for housing state inmates in the county jail, from the current $31.34 per day to $35.34, and $15 million for jail video arraignment equipment grants through the Department for Local Government. (The State Budget, House Bill 1)
  • Tax Reform— Responsibly moving Kentucky from a substantial reliance on the income tax over time to a more consumption-based tax system. (House Bill 8)
  • Water and Wastewater Systems—$250 million for the drinking water and wastewater grant program and $10 million to establish the Water Management Assistance Fund to assist with capital and non-capital expenses of governmental entities that provide drinking water and wastewater services to the public. (The State Budget, House Bill 1)
  • West Kentucky Disaster Relief—Expansion of disaster assistance. (Senate Bill 150)

“I’m grateful to be recognized by KACo and to receive this award,” Thayer said. “I take my responsibility as Senate majority floor leader very seriously, and I’m happy to have Jim and KACo as advocates for policies that are good for Kentucky counties and residents across the state. I look forward to working with them in the upcoming legislative session.”

According to the organization’s website, KACo is dedicated to serving all Kentucky counties by providing the highest quality programs and services and advocating for counties legislatively both today and tomorrow.

KACo offers services and assistance to Kentucky County officials and serves as a public information source, such as providing an official county directory, tracking election results, county financials, and much more. Visit to learn more.

The 2023 Legislative Session will begin Tuesday, January 3.

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