Senator Damon Thayer Announces 2018 American Conservative Union Score

FRANKFORT, Ky. (January 15, 2019) – The American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF) recently released its annual legislative ratings for members of the Kentucky General Assembly.  The ACUF selected bills from the 2018 Regular Session that focus on conservative governing principles: fiscal and economic, social and cultural and government integrity.

The Kentucky General Assembly had 13 senators who received the Award for Conservative Excellence by voting for the selected conservative legislation 90 percent of the time or greater.  Senator Damon Thayer was among those selected for this award due to his strong conservative voting record with an overall score of 94 percent.  Senator Thayer increased his score from the previous year’s rating of 91 percent.  He maintains a lifetime conservative score of 92 percent, the second highest lifetime rating among his peers in the Kentucky Senate Majority Caucus.

“I’m proud of my 94% ACUF score from the 2018 Session. During my time in Frankfort, I’ve remained true to my conservative core beliefs that are shared by the majority of citizens of the 17th District. I’m grateful to the American Conservative Union for using this award to bring attention to legislators who are not afraid to stay true to our philosophy.”

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