Part Two of 2015 General Assembly Begins

FRANKFORT, Ky. – The 2015 legislative session of the Kentucky General Assembly began “part two” of the 2015 session on Tuesday, which made for a busy week for legislators in Frankfort.

On Tuesday morning I spoke at the Consignors and Commercial Breeders’ Association’s annual symposium, where I discussed the current state of Kentucky’s Thoroughbred industry and how optimistic I am about its future. Kentucky’s horse industry will always hold a special place in my heart, and in the vitality of our economy.

Continuing the goal of “creating Kentucky jobs and strengthening Kentucky families,” the Senate Majority Caucus wasted no time introducing our next five priority bills and giving them a first reading on the Senate floor Tuesday.

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of speaking at Commerce Lexington’s “Luncheon in the Bluegrass,” where I discussed priority legislation proposed by our caucus that I truly believe will make the Commonwealth a better place. On Thursday, we once again acted on our priorities.

On Thursday we passed Senate Bill 10, which would continue the development of a stroke system of care in Kentucky and facilitate timely access to an appropriate level of care for stroke patients. In 2006, the legislature passed a resolution that encourages the development of this system.

Senate Bill 7 also was approved by the Senate Thursday. This measure relates to informed consent, and requires an ultrasound prior to an abortion procedure. This was a great step in our continued fight to protect the rights of the unborn.

We also passed Senate Bill 9, which would reduce the cost of new school construction by exempting said schools from the “prevailing wage” requirements, in order to give schools more budgetary flexibility.

Senate Bill 6 is a bill that would create a medical malpractice claims review board in order to assess cases against health care providers before they can be pursued in court to help prevent frivolous law suits. After a healthy floor debate, Senate Bill 6 was approved by our chamber Thursday evening.

On Friday we passed Senate Bill 8, which would permit public charter schools in Kentucky in order to close the educational achievement gap and give parents more choices for their children.

I was pleased with what we were able to accomplish in our first week back and am confident we can keep this momentum going throughout this session.

I encourage you to follow these bills closely, along with any other legislation you may be interested in. Your input is not only valued and appreciated, it can ensure that legislators are aware of your particular interest and concerns and can make a difference in the process. I encourage you to follow the Senate bills which we pass and call members of the House and urge them to pass the bills as well.

In particular, please support of Senate Bill 5. Kentuckians are dying in growing numbers due to the current epidemic of heroin addiction. We need legislative action to provide our first responders, law enforcement, and medical community the resources necessary to break the hold heroin has on our state. You can express your support for Senate Bill 5 by calling 1-800-372-7181 and asking that the House pass this life-saving measure quickly.

Your input on the issues facing the state, as always, is important to me. I invite you to contact me with issues or concerns in Frankfort at 800-372-7181 or 502-564-3120, or e-mail me